Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary

In the beginning of August, we celebrated my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary. All of the siblings were able to make it, which is an accomplishment of itself. We had a fun time swimming, hanging out, and then had a dinner and program for my parents. Gifts include a photos album, letter from friends and loved ones, and a quilt with photos of all the grandchildren. It was a lot of fun and so great to be together. My parents are so awesome and it was great to be able to celebrate them for a change.

Big Bear

Rather than going to the beach this summer, we decided to go to the mountain town Big Bear in California for a week. We had a good time escaping the summer heat and were able to enjoy each other's company. Activities included playing, walking, fishing, miniature golfing, boating, water slides, go karts, and an alpine slide.