Friday, May 8, 2009

My Trouble Maker !!!

This morning I dropped a box of Kleenex on the floor and didn't pick it up right away because I was looking for something. Well, Jayce and Noah come running to me saying to come look at what Loggie did. Well, I did and this was what I found. Now we have a big pile of kleenex on the counter to use, instead of in the box. Aren't toddlers fun?

Warm Weather

On Monday, my boys were playing outside after we got Ciara from the bus stop. They came inside to inform me that it was "wreally hot". So, I decided it was time to get the sprinkler out. We called our friends the Hardy's to come over. The kids had fun enjoying the warm weather.

Logan preferred to sit under the table.

Jayce and Noah thought it was fun to spray other people, even though they didn't want anyone to spray them.

Evan and Mason.

Logan was having lunch before nap time. I guess he was pretty tired, because it got really quiet and when I turned around this is what he was doing.

Ciara's Baptism

On April 18 Ciara was baptized. Shane and I are so proud of her for taking this step in her life. We were able to have alot of family and friends there for this wonderful day. It amazing how fast she is growing up, before I know it she'll be in Young Women's.
Ciara and Dad before changing.

All ready for a baptism.


Easter was fun. This was the first year Logan got it. As soon as he figured out that there was candy in the eggs we couldn't stop him from eating it. For Easter dinner we had Grandpa, Aunt Dana and our friends the Canez's over. It was a good Easter.
OK. So, once again I became a slacker. Here comes alot of posts.