Friday, July 10, 2009

Our New Kitchen

In April we found a great deal on new kitchen cabinets. We were able to add an island and 18 inches of additional counter space between the stove and fridge. Last friday we finally got our new sink and countertops installed. It is so nice to have all this new space.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our New Puppy!

Today we went to the SPCA and got our first dog. Her name is Lilo. She is the sweetest dog.
The kids absolutley love her (except Logan isn't so sure about her).

4th of July!

On the 4th we went over to our friends the Canez's for a great dinner (thank you Frank). Since they live within walking distance to downtown Henderson, we headed over to the carnival and to see the fireworks. It was a great time.
Waiting for fireworks to start.

Logan, my tough little man.

So, on June 24 Logan had to go in to have tubes put in his ears and his adenoids taken out. Well, he recovered very well. Three hours after waking up he was running through the house and 5 days later he was doing this...

You gotta love how fast they recover when they are little.

San Diego, the best vacation ever!

Spending a week at the beach in San Diego is a great vacation. We go with my parents and sisters. This year was great, very relaxing. Here are some cute pics of our family at the beach
(hopefully I'm making all of you jealous,ha, ha).

Ciara and her cousin Jami
Logan of course, had no fear of the water.

Noah wanted to buried after my sister's fiance had the kids do it to him.